Gino Sitson

Echo Chamber is an exciting and energetic combination of new sounds, where percussive grooves and enchanting vocals are interwined with lyrical melodies. The concept, which has roots in African traditions with hints of classical European and American jazz, makes the music and the experience of listening to it truly unique.

A cappella und solo präsentiert Gino Sitson sein siebtes Album, auf dem er erneut subtile Stimmakrobatik über vier Oktaven zu Gehör bringt. In seiner Chamäleon-Stimme sind Afrojazz und Funk, in seinen virtuosen Improvisationen ist immer auch Humor. (Jazzethik 2/17 M.Zimmermann )

"Gino Sitson, a New Yorker from Cameroon, sings modal songs that repatriate African-influenced jazz. Also, using his body for percussion, he performs vocal solos that evoke all sorts of voices, instruments and natural sounds, as if Bobby McFerrin had a brother steeped in African polyphony."
NEW YORK TIMES - Jon Pareles, NEW YORK TIMES (Oct 22, 2004)


  • Gino Sitson: vocals, body percussion & compositions
  • Jody Redhage: cello & vocals
  • Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin: viola
  • Mike McGinnis: clarinet & voice


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