About Us

Brigitte Fessmann founded Stone, Art & Sound in 2008. Since then, the company has worked in the areas of communication, agenting artists. Booking  and organizing tours.

Stone, Art & Sound is focused on providing management services in the areas of:

  • World Music
  • Jazz & Folk Music

World Music has been an established music genre since 1980 with it‘s place within the music industry further cemented with the inception of the WOMAD Festival in 1982. What we call World Music was born in the 60s with the Jazz clarinetist, Tony Scott. While the World Music label was first coined in the 20th century, the music itself is substantially older.

Folk Music is a comprehensive label used to categorize various styles of North American popular music. Numerous folk groups move between other music genres such as Rock, Jazz and HipHop

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Stone, Art & Sound produces also West African music CDs:

Salzburger Fenster, June 2013:

There is no movement without rhyhtm!
  • salzburger_fenster_2013_06_stone-art-and-sound