Atri N'Assouf

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Atri N'Assouf

When Rissa Ag Wanaghli, former member of the band Takrist N'Akal from Niger, meets Plume, a prominent French percussionist, the new band Atri N'Assouf (“the Star of the Desert”) was born. The compositions of Rissa, a Tuareg of the Air Massif, are decorated by the percussion of Plume, radiate sunshine and above all good humor.

Unlike many Tuareg bands who show a relatively heavy and dark vision of their music and culture, Atri N'Assouf offers a cheerful and festive atmosphere. The amazing acoustic guitar combined with the trance percussion and rhythmic clapping creates great dance music. The colorful clothing of the Touareg also contributes to this great stage act.

With their CD Akal (“the country”) Atri N'Assouf shows clearly that the Sahara has much more to offer than we normally expect. Their performance at Lowlands 2012 ended in loud cheers of the audience, begging for more and more…







atri nassouf 01 600